Mixtape Of The Day: Clock DVA

Эта авангардная английская группировка стояла у истоков одноименного белорусского журнала, на обломках которого возник наш сайт. Музыка вне времени и пространства.


“Secret Thirteen mix 125” is a remarkable and highly influential mix that guides the listener through an abyssal and vitreous river of timeless music. The mix contains 14 unique compositions taken from vinyl records that were released between 1960 and 1982. This music had a great impact to the author, his early creations, perception of composition and sound in general. Newton has included a picturesque palette of musical styles ranging from modern classical, jazz, new wave to abstract, early electronic/ambient and other refined formations. The slight embossed shifts between works of such pioneering composers as Vladimir Ussachevsky, Terry Riley, Ilhan Mimaroglu and expressive production of such prominent bands as Holy Toy, White Noise or Kraftwerk are virtually inaudible. The deliberate and patient connection of tracks gradually leads the listener to the pure musical satisfaction, where positive, surreal and vague moods form genuine harmony. An abstract painting “Composition on a Red Ground” by Edward Wadsworth could be the subtle visual interpretation of how beautiful and at the same time increasingly strange this mix is.



August 23, 2014

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