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Рижанка Елена Глазова владеет и словом, и звуком и изображением. Аудиовизуальный художник, саунд-артист, поэт и куратор, а еще докторант Академии художеств и переводчик современной латышской поэзии.


Ее первая книга «Трансферы», изданная в  2013 году, вошла в шорт-лист Латвийской литературной премии года в номинации «Дебют». Сотрудничая с художниками, музыкантами и поэтами, Елена объездила пол Европы. Сейчас она работает над своей третьей книгой и параллельно — над экспериментальным альбомом, посвященным французской композиторке-минималистке Eliane Radigue.

Jelena Glazova is an audiovisual artist, poet and curator based in Riga, Latvia. She is working in interdisciplinary areas of contemporary art, combining in her works image, poetic text, experimental sound and installation. Her sphere of activity in experimental music is drone/noise, usually constructed from processed vocals. She took part in international festivals and projects in Latvia, Russia, Estonia, Lithuania, Sweden, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Turkey, Spain etc.  As a guest composer she resided at EMS studio in Stockholm (Sweden), WORM centre in Rotterdam (Netherlands), etc. Collaborated with the following artists and poets — Derek Holzer (US/DE), Alexei Borisov (RU), Edgars Rubenis (LV/NL), Peter Kirn (US/DE), ::vtol:: (RU) and many others. Author of 2 books of poetry — “Transfers” (RU/LV, Riga, Latvia, 2013) and “Plasma”(EN/EE, Tartu, Estonia, 2014). Curates events related to experimental music, audiovisual art and poetry, founder of an international poetry festival “Blood of a Poet” (Riga, Latvia). Currently working on her third book of poetry, experimental electronics album dedicated to French minimalist composer Eliane Radigue, numerous audiovisual projects including poetry, video installations and performances.

Anna Ceeh


Carsten Nicolai (a.k.a. Alva Noto) is a role model artist for me, I admire his sonic and visual works, the way he manages to combine his abstract soundscapes with installations, also his recurrent references to Tarkovsky

Carsten Nicolai — “unicolor” installation.

Terrific Powell with his experimental techno (Diagonal records), I found his live performance at Skaņu Mežs festival 2015 (Riga, Latvia) quite mind-blowing

Powell — Sylvester Stallone

Brilliant New York-based composer, artist and multi-instrumentalist Eli Keszler. In performance, he often plays drums, bowed crotales and guitar in conjunction with his installations. He performed few times in Riga, assembling his sonic installations.

Eli Keszler — “L-Carrier”

Another role model artist for me is Ryoji Ikeda, combining sound art with elaborate visual projects often based on data analysis.superposition” is a project about the way humans understand the reality of nature on an atomic scale and is inspired by the mathematical notions of quantum mechanics.

Ryoji Ikeda — superposition

David Tudor — American pianist and composer of experimental music, primarily associated with the figure of John Cage, who wrote many pieces especially for Tudor. His homemade musical circuits are considered landmarks in live electronic music and electrical instrument building as a form of composition. “Pulsers” is one of his pieces for live electronics.

David Tudor — Pulsers (1976)

Eliane Radigue is one of my favourite composers. Minimalist electronic drone structures.

“Before the greatest achievement
Before the greatest detachment.
At the limit of the frontier space of the unconscious – tuned waves – “consonant things vibrate together”.
Where does the change happen? In the inner field of perception or the exterior reality of moving things in the course of becoming.
“And time is no longer an obstacle, but the means by which the possible is achieved”.

(Eliane Radigue — June 20, 1973)

Eliane Radigue — transamorem transmortem


The great Kiwa Noid performing his elaborate show at Sodra teatern, Stockholm.

Kiwanoid — “page x of y” — performance at art’s birthday party — södra teatern Stockholm (2013)

Non Location // Anglican Church Full Performance

Sound: Jelena Glazova
Visuals: Zane Raudina
The final concert of Skaņu Mežs festival 10-year anniversary at Anglican church, Riga, Latvia


March 10, 2016

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