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Chilo aka Chilo Eribenne — лондонская диджейка, вокалистка, сонграйтерка, актриса, кинематографистка, художница и фотограф. В конце 80-х она была хиповой дивой эйсидхаусного S’Express‘a — в шузах на серебрянной платформе  и с гитарой наперевес. В 1990, покинув S’Express, Chilo концентрируется на вокале и написании песен, сотрудничает с acid house продюсером Richard Salt (Baby Ford), Ian Loveday (EON), Renegade Soundwave, Dub Star, соул-дивой Jocelyn Brown, Charlie Watts и Holger Hiller, записывает вокал для техно-релизов Andy Bowmans (Gecko). Как DJ Chilo играет широкий спектр музыки: electro funk, glitch hop, soul с примесью западно-aфрикaнского вайба. Минская публика помнит ее мощный сет в разгромленном властями «Даньков-клубе» (не простили хозяину его президентские амбиции) на фестивале IN TOUCH в 2009 году.

 Chilo Eribenne is a songwriter, actress, DJ and fine arts photographer and filmmaker.  She first came to public recognition when she performed in S’Express back in 1988 as the silver platform booted funky Diva with a guitar. In the early 1990s, Chilo put together a quartet of musicians to perform her original songs at The Wag, The Portobello Arts Festival, Ronnie Scott’s and Madam Jojo’s. In the mid 90s she performed live with Miko’s drum and bass outfit called The Bowling Green to promote his album at various London venues. Later, she financed and recorded her own four-track e.p. One track was picked up by Steve Dub of Dubstar whose remix of Walking Into Love appeared on a Future Music compilation in 1998 along with artists such as Dave Angel. A collaboration in the mid 90s with German Kraut Rock art muso Holger Hiller finally resulted in her song and performance of L’Amour Fou based on the Andre Breton poem appearing on his self-entitled album in 2000. During the early part of this century, Chilo made vocal contributions on Andy Bowman’s techno recordings released on Gecko Records and went on to record a single for the Laton Label in Austria produced by Falm (Fon). When Chilo DJs, she plays a wide range of music from electro funk, glitch hop, soul and West African vibes.

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Photo credits: Sandro Zanzinger © 2016


Siouxsie and the Banshees — Israel

I remember watching Siouxsie Sioux as a teen and loving her. I couldn’t believe this was pop music. We were lucky back in the day. Pop music came in all styles, but there was something for everyone. I was a musical omnivore and digested everything that was digestible. Siouxsie Sioux is still mesmerising today as she was back then.

Fela Kuti and Africa 70 — Follow Follow

I remember my father returning from one of his long trips to Nigeria with this record. As with every DJ from my generation, we were hypnotised by the cover sleeve’s artwork. We may not have realised what the subjects were about but even the colours spoke to us in some way. What totally flabbergasted me was the length of Follow Follow (as well as Zombie). First of all the vocals start after 12 minutes or so which was revolutionary to hear, and then the song went on for another 15 minutes – one tune. Amazing. Another outstanding record (I nicked from my dad) that holds up today. A classic.

Kingstonians — Sufferer

Well, apart from the crazy artwork (sexist really), when listening to this track on the Club Reggae compilation, the mono, analogue qualities of this song really appeal to me. I love the word “sufferer”, because we all must suffer sometime and as well as the cheerfulness of the delivered lyrics, this song takes me back in time to the innocent days when reggae was also considered pop music.

Maya Angelou — Still I Rise

I totally love this song. I love the traditional structure to the music and am so blown away by how it works so well with Maya Angelou’s delivery and powerful lyrics. This should be seen as pop music. A voice for the people.

Fun Boy Three – The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum

This song resonates so well today because the lyrics are spot on with what is going on in the world. Sometimes I fantasise about living in a world where you can trust your leaders, but more and more, it seems the world has gone mad and the sane ones are in the minority.

Dexy’s Midnight Runners — Geno

I love this blue eyed soul song. It’s so passionate! It’s author really delivers this song with his heart and soul. Principled musicians are driven underground nowadays with all the drivel and nonsense that gets puked up from the mad, money grabbing, music industry chiefs. This song is so good.

Donald Byrd — Stepping Into Tomorrow

Love this song so much. I remember recording this off the radio onto a cassette whilst tuning into a pirate radio show on Phase 1 FM back in the day when I lived in a studio flat in Kilburn. Music from heaven.

March 19, 2016

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