Lost & Found: Graham Duff

In the new rubric Lost & found we will introduce you unnoticed, undervalued or forgotten as by the media as by consumers music, movies and books (both the distant past and the present), which according to the view of authors of these reports are still relevant and deserve a better fate.

13071991_8473Dmitry Shorin ‘I Believe In Angels #7’ (2012)

It opens a series of our research journalist, producer, writer and actor Graham Duff, which is familiar with the British over- and the underground culture of the past 40 years from the inside.

У новай рубрыцы Lost & found мы будзем знаёміць вас з незаўважанай медыямі і спажыўцамі, недаацэненай або забытай музыкай, кіно і кнігамі (як далёкага мінулага, гэтак і сучаснасці), якія на думку аўтараў гэтых аглядаў не згубілі сваёй актуальнасці і заслугоўваюць лепшай долі. Адкрывае нашу даследніцкую серыю журналіст, прадусар, сцэнарыст і актор Graham Duff, які знутры знаёмы з брытанскай овер і андэрграўнднай культурай апошніх 40 год.


SHIELD PATTERNS – ‘Cerulean’ (2016)

This is sublime. A track from the new Shield Patterns album. If Kate Bush had collaborated with Massive Attack…

ELEPHANT – ‘Skyscraper’ (2013)

I’ve posted this before but it’s still giving me goose pimples. Love that opening line… “Empty your pockets, you’ll need more space.”

FAYE WONG – ‘Just A Minute’ (2001)
My favourite Faye Wong track. Simple melody with beautiful sentiments. Trust me.

DUM DUM GIRLS – ‘Coming Down’ (2011)

THE STRUTZ – ‘Break Point’ (1981)
From Fife, one of the long lost singles of Scottish Post Punk. Best line – “And don’t you think I’ll change, because I won’t”.

THE SCROTUM POLES – ‘Pick the Cat’s Eyes Out’ (1980)
More forgotten Scottish post-punk. From the ‘Revelation EP’, with lyrics which – according to legend – may have been written by Billy Mackenzie.

FOX – ‘S-S-S-Single Bed’ (1976)
Featuring the blissful vocals of Noosha Fox.

THE HUMAN EXPRESSION – ‘Sweet Child of Nothingness’ (1967)
Featuring a guitar solo which is simplicity itself, and yet never fails to give me goosebumps. Written by the wonderfully named Mars Bonfire.

POP LEVI – ‘Sugar Assault Me Now’ (2007)
Fizzing guitar pop with a daft video. Enjoy.

CHRIS & COSEY – ‘Send the Magick Down’ (1986)
Pure beauty in an impure world. For anybody looking to channel some positive magick tonight.

ZOR GABOR – ‘Tightrope’ (1987)
Long lost post-punk gem. Featuring Banshees guitarist John McKay and Ludus drummer Graham Dowdall. Produced by David Cunningham. A bit of a dream team in fact. (Ignore the dreadful fan video.)

FANCY ROSY – ‘Punk Police’ (1977)
I’ve posted this before, but by God it bears repeating.

KEVIN AYERS – ‘Stranger in Blue Suede Shoes’ (1971)
Best line – “That’s the end of the message”.

August 16, 2016

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