Mixtape Of The Month: Howie B

A fucking good mixTape by Howie B, the founder of Pussy Foot Recordings and technician, producer, songwriter behind at least 100 songs you love. Back in the 1999!! Enjoy!!!

Некаторыя гарачыя галовы з нашых заморскіх філейных філіяў наогул абвясцілі гэтую праграму міксам года ці нават дваццацігодздзя, але пакуль што няхай будзе так.



Björk – “I Miss You” (One Little Indian)
Chocolate Bamboo – “X Rated” (Slammin’)
No Info – “Funk (Acetate Pressing)” (No Info)
Brooklyn Slum Lords – “Nobody Loves Them” (Nervous)
Vinyl Blair – “Double Bubble” (Hard Hands)
Rhythm Makers – “Zone” (Vigor)
K.C. Flight – “Let’s Get Jazzy” (TMT)
Bentley Rhythm Ace – “Bentley’s Gonna Sort You Out” (Skint)
Naked Funk – “Pearl Of Compassion” (Pussy Foot)
Morning Glory Seeds – “Psychic Probe” (No Info)
Dobie – “Ooh La La” (Pussy Foot)
Dobie – “Dobie’s Bonus Beats” (Pussy Foot)
Mental Generation – “Café Del Mar (Underworld Rmx)” (Effective)
Dark Globe – “Take Me To The Sound” (Hard Hands)
Studio Pressure – “Book Of Changes” (Pustek)
James Brown – “Mind Power” (Polydor)
Undisputed Truth – “N/A” (Gordy)
Undisputed Truth – “Brother Louie” (Gordy)
Red Myers – “Sub Zero” (Kingsize)
Blaster Bates – “Watch Out For The Bits” (Big Ben)
Howie B. – “Buttmeat” (Polydor)
Paul Houter – “Atom” (Dual Tone)
Head Drillaz – “No Info (A-Side)” (Pussy Foot)
Archie Shep – “Attica Blues” (Blue Note)
Head Drillaz – “No Info (B-Side)” (Pussy Foot)
Rainbow – “Incredible String Band” (Elektra)

October 30, 2016

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