2016 : Up & Down : UK vs EU vs USA

Howie B, Maria Minerva, Carl Michael von Hausswolff, Mark StewartNadja Sayej. Our friends musicians, artists and journalists are listing heroes and anti-heroes, and also the main political/cultural events, that have been bringing joy and pain during the year 2016.

Нашы сябры музыкі, мастакі і журналісты называюць герояў і антыгерояў, а таксама палітычныя і культурныя падзеі, якія радавалі і засмучалі іх на працягу года.

Howie B, musician, producer (UK)


The decision by UK to “leave “ the EU. I was shocked by the lies and propaganda the British public were exposed too. Nothing short of disgraceful. My person of the year goes to Angela Merkel, Her decision to open the borders of Germany is the most graceful act i have seen of any politician in a very long time. A light to all !!!! My asshole of the year goes to Hilary Clinton. Why she chose to run against Bernie Sanders was the a tragic mistake and left the US in its most embarrassing political environment ever.


Carl Michael von Hausswolff, artist, composer, curator (Sweden)



Up — Canada

Down — USA president election.


Up — Bob Dylan‘s Nobel prize in literature and TBA21-Academy : The Current.

Down — Art fairs everywhere.

(Wo)man Of The Year : Elisabeth Warren (for her work against US capitalists and president-elect opportunist).

Asshole Of The Year : Vladimir Putin (for his collaboration with Assad).


Maria Minerva, musician (Estonia/USA)

1557595840photo by Marko Krunic

I suppose everyone agrees that it was an awful year. I’ve been living in the United States for 4 years now, and can’t believe that my adopted homeland went Trump. The only positive about that is that even in a sleepy city like Los Angeles, people are tuning more into politics and beginning to mobilize their communities.

There’s a lot of energy in the air, and people are talking about politics non-stop. On a more personal level, the year ended with major tragedy as well. A fire broke out at the 100% Silk label (=my label) showcase in Oakland, CA and 36 people died, including one of my closest friends Chelsea Faith aka Cherushii. I know for a fact I could have easily been there. Cherushii was a dear friend and creative collaborator — I urge everyone to listen to her music, because this woman really was a genius. I miss her everyday and am planning to finish our EP without her, which brings me some solace. I guess that’s a positive — there will be more music.


Asshole of the year: I’m sure Trump will win, but I will throw his Vice President Mike Pence in there as a candidate. I’d say that Trump is a clown, but Pence really is a monster.

370176Kersti Kaljulaid

Woman of the year: Estonia’s new president Kersti Kaljulaid. Mother of 4, has had an amazing career so far, great sense of fashion, doesn’t go to church, won’t move into the presidential “castle”, doesn’t give a shit. Just kind of marches to the beat of her own drum. I’m proud that Estonia finally got a president who is not some opportunistic white old guy.


Nadja Sayej, arts journalist (Canada/Germany)


What are the political and cultural events and artefacts which raised and lowered the year?


Some of the ups of 2016 include the rise of the “Donald Dump” art movement, which included a mural by New York street artist Hanksy, who created a Manhattan mural of Trump as a steaming pile of feces, as well as various online memes of Trump as an Oompa Loompa. Meanwhile, Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama had a stunning showcase of artworks at the Henie Onstad Kunstsenter in Oslo, which showed her dots in all of their infinite glory. And last but not least, a David Bowie memorial was plastered to the side of his former Berlin apartment on Hauptstrasse to celebrate the late artist.



Some of the downs of the year include Conan O’Brien visiting the famed Berghain nightclub and the backlash from the art underground who said they wanted to keep it a secret. Another down has got to be the Academy Awards for nominating only white actors and actresses (and the suitable #OscarsSoWhite boycott that followed), and lastly, the red carpet line up at this year’s Bambi Awards in Berlin (Udo Lindenberg, anyone?).

Woman of the year: Gemi Fly, the Florida rapper

Asshole of the year: Mall cops on Facebook


Mark Stewart, musician, producer (UK)


Rush the dawn a new ghost culture is emerging erase the negatves,

Reverse the fakes dimensioal doorways master of light,

A shadow art the power of dreams shadow art,

Wilst mr zero dispences psyco babble the media as a weapon of terror,

2016 the rise of the inhumanoids,

My hero was a random a big guy with a roadmap of stories on his face

Each wrinkle a novel in itself the life spirit shone out of him


Торопливый рассвет новой призрачной культуры стирает негативы,

Выворачивает наизнанку фальшивые порталы в новые измерения.

Мастера искусства света и тьмы, сила искусства теневых сновидений,

В то время как мистер Никто дозирует психо-пузыри медиа как оружие террора.

2016 стал годом восстания не-гуманоидов.

Мой герой — случайный крупный чувак с дорожной картой историй на его лице,

Каждая морщинка — это новелла сама по себе. Дух жизни сияет сквозь него.

Перевод: Ника Выговская


January 19, 2017

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