Feel Mexico with Sara Glaxia

Celebrating Donald Trump‘s inauguration with Mexican artist and performer Sara Glaxia. Чаму Трамп так хваравіта не любіць Мексіку? Мо таму, што ў яго папросту не было якаснага сэкса з гарачымі мексіканскімі мужчынамі і кабетамі?

saraanerosPhoto by Erlea Maneros Zabala

What could I tell about Mexico? I had started my art career very young here, as being daughter of alcoholic hippy mother and a motorbiker crazy man, grew up wild… had been trained since early age in school for theater and spent all the time drawing as she had not friends, (hippies in mexico were out casted back then).

Sara grew up in a party surrounded by artists on drugs listening loud music everyday, groups as Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Jimmy Hendrix and few other rock bands, Sara lives in exile more or less as a gypsy since about 18 years now… Now back in Mexico had been researching about bands from here, just lately and found a lot of new stuff but I liked not much… it might be that I am just too picky… But there are couple great artist I like to focus the entire article on, I hope is ok!… just about Julian Lede and Emilio Acevedo.

Julian is the best performer in my humble insane opinion… and as well my first boyfriend! (we didnt talk for years but he is still the best) and Emilio a great producer, both part of the band Titan a hit group since 20 years, just saw them three weeks ago in Mexico City, they hadnt loose their glam. The best production by Julian Lede is his alter ego “Siverio (Su majestad Imperial)”.

Sara Glaxia

ааSara Glaxia and Julian Lede in 1999. Photo by Miguel Calderon


January 20, 2017

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