The Great Junie Morrison

16 лютага памёр удзельнік культавых фанк-груповак Parliament/Funkadelic і Ohio Players, мультыінструменталіст, вакаліст, кампазітар, прадусар Walter “Junie” Morrison.


Ён стварыў шмат баевікоў і быў крыніцай натхнення і запазычанняў для такіх зорак хіп-хоп і R&B сцэны, як Kanye West, Soul II SoulDr. DreN.W.A.SolangeDe La Soul.

Questlove: “All the Ohio Players’ Westbound-era funk that birthed Voodoo and Black Messiah: Junie. Those adlibs on Hov’s “Brooklyn’s Finest” and Tribe’s “Scenario” remix is Junie. All the Warner-era Funkadelic songwriting wizardry … even Parliament’s Motor Booty Affair and GloryHallaStoopid. … His ideas birthed and ushered in the G-Funk era (all that synthy ‘Funky Worm’ synth y’all associate with gangsta rap/Dre’s sound? That’s Junie Morrison). … This man was an uncelebrated, unsung, un-championed [man] whose ideas we just took and took and took. I regret so much not having a ‘proper’ conversation about his journey. His songwriting. His technology innovations. Man. This stings. R.I.P., Junie.”


February 17, 2017

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