News From Gramophone by Graham Duff

Another compilation of brand new songs selected by British journalist, producer, writer, actor and sound digger Graham Duff. Happy birthday, mr. Duff! Best wishes from Filet Family!

Eugenia Loli — Untitled (2013), collage

MOIRÉ — ‘Façade’ (ft. James Massiah)
Dystopian house music from one of my favourite albums of the year so far.

MOON DUO — ‘Lost In Light’ (2017)
The forthcoming Moon Duo album looks like it’s heading in a slightly more ‘pop’ direction. However, I caught them live last night and all thoughts of pop were banished as it was a stomping psychedelic storm from start to finish. ‘Lost In Light’ brings to mind the feel of early Spiritualized and is accompanied by an extremely trippy animated video.

THE VACANT LOTS — ‘Suicide Note’ (Ft. ALAN VEGA) (2017)
Continuing their journey to rock and roll’s primal heart, THE VACANT LOTS hooked up with Suicide’s Alan Vega for one of his last appearances in the studio. This is irresistible psych-rock. Dig in.

TOMMY GENESIS — ‘Angelina’ (2016) NSFW
A live vocal performance from Tommy Genesis on the track ‘Angelina’ produced by Father. The music’s ghostly shuffle is reminiscent of Doctor Octagon, whilst Genesis’ voice is addictive and her rhymes are smart, grubby and hard edged.

“When you leave me,
I need her,
Go take my mind off your dick,
Get some yoghurt covered pretzels,
And a pound of a clit.”

WAQ WAQ KINGDOM — ‘Oh It’s Good’ (2017)
From one of my favourite albums so far this year. Waq Waq Kingdom is a new project fronted by Kiki Hitomi of King Midas Sound, and it showcases an addictive sound which blends traces of reggae, house, dubstep and other less definable elements. Dig in.

PERFUME GENIUS — ‘Slip Away’ (2017)
A brand new single from Perfume Genius is a cause for celebration. This particular song develops into a soaring and uplifting composition, with Mike Hadreas in full-tilt ‘Hounds of Love’ mode. Dig in.

LORDE — ‘Green Light’ (2017)
Nothing I hear sounds better than this today. Lorde‘s previous releases have been great. But this is a whole different level of pop perfection. Real goose pimple stuff, and the ‘Here Come The Warm Jets’ style synth line which comes in at 04:03 just floors me. Dig in.

S’MOREZ — ‘Quiet’ (2016)
One of my favourites from last year. A bulletin from the strange and simple world of S’morez. Benihana’s production weaves an unsettling mesh of bass tones and lopsided sirens, whilst S’morez’s lyrics are beguilingly odd. I posted this about a year ago, but it’s well worth another serving. Dig in.

“We’ll get violent
All day long I got clients,
Be quiet,
It’s okay just be quiet.”

April 13, 2017

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