Mix Of The Day: K.vs.B

Nick CaveLydia LunchDavid Bowie, King Crimson, The Fall і другія зоркі сусветнага drone, blues, jazz, progressive і avant-pop у чарговай серыі вынікаў 2016 музычнага года.

Jesu & Sun Kil Moon – Good Morning My Love
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Rings Of Saturn
Childish Gambino – The Night Me and Your Mama Met
Lydia Lunch & Marc Hurtado – Nursing Damage Junkies
King Crimson – The Talking Drum
Kurushimi – Amanojaku
Gong – The Unspeakable Stands Revealed
The Fall – All Leave Cancelled (X)
David Bowie – I Can’t Give Everything Away

May 10, 2017

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