Filet Selektah: Tom Hazelmyer

Tom Hazelmyer, musician, artist, the founder and owner of the legendary american hardcore noise-rock label Amphetamine Reptile Records.

Tom Hazelmyer: Okay, this past weeks playlist has been centered around BASH 17 as that’s been pummeling my brain and finally came to fruition.

Lydia Lunch — Retrovirus “Final Solution”. I was already playing this all month on repeat. Such an amazing song by Pere Ubu and somehow Lydia makes it better? Then Lydia came to Minneapolis and performed it live. I had fucking goosebumps.

Beatles  — “Glass Onion / Yer Blues / Everybody’s got something to hide except me and my monkey/ Savoy Truffle”. Strangely during this BASH 17 event I’ve had a bizarre (for me) desire to hear songs from The Beatles White Album. I’m far from a Beatles fan, but it just dawned on me that if you ignore all the retarded sentinmental McCartney drivel, theyre actually a good band! (haha).

Cherubs — “Stag Party” & “Playdough”. Possible one of the best LP opening songs ever. Off the hook. “Playdough” is pure WTF.

Husker Du —  “What Do I Want”. The animal that was the early hardcore Huskers shall never be seen again. Such a destructive force of nature.

Unsane — “Fix It”. Okay I’m cheating because I just released this song as a 7” for BASH 17 event. But I swear on my childrens eyes that I’ve been playing it constantly and it’s one of the best singles song to be released in DECADES. Too bad I only made 300 of them. Old dogs, old tricks, and yet they can still take you down like a wounded stag.

August 05, 2017

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