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Интервью сайту artstarstv.com нашего хорошего друга и соратника по борьбе с сексуальными, расовыми и культурными предрассудками, австрийской художницы, фотографа, издателя, промоутера и музыканта Анны Сих.

At key moments in your photographs, certain areas are boxed over with rectangles and squares — almost as if they are censored. What are you trying to highlight?

The story is: I showed my work to one Russian curator (Josef Backstein) years ago. He told me, I’m a narcissist who is obsessed (but I am not) …and my work is pornographic (it wasn’t). I told him, only if one assumes that in the Soviet Union was never sex (it was really alleged by the media), it’s pornographic. It was quite stupid for me and I decided to make this black “censored” boxes, to hide me as person and to hide my sexuality (I was never naked in the pictures). So, this makes it a bit pornographic, but I like it.

What do you strive for in your self-portraits? Are they telling a story?

This series is called Ontological realities (a work in progress, 2005 to the present). They are photographs of (not public) performances. It was a kind of an ironic game with pieces/bits of the past from the former Soviet Union and erotic elements, which present the body as the central medium of dealing with one’s identity and this (very) challenge. I used to make a kind of subversive thing: to force my HD printer to make not-so-excellent prints: crazy coloured pictures with low-quality stripes. After 10 years of abuse, my printer finally died. The last stuff I got was mostly black and white [see images below]. In my book of images, it was a part of my Soviet archive collected in the context of our (with Franz Pomassl) event series (RUS Klub and ZONE Club at Secession, Vienna etc) dedicated to upfront electronic sound in post Soviet countries: More here.

You run an electro label, Laton?

Yes, we are running electronic label, Laton, together with Franz Pomassl and myself. The label exists since 1991 and I’ve been on board since 2002. During this time, we produced over 10 projects post-Soviet and some from Scandinavia. We have organized numerous festivals and events in Austria, Slovakia, Belarus with participation of a lot of important representatives from CIS and Baltic States, Central Europe and Scandinavia highlighting the areas of advanced electronic music (as Zavoloka, Alva Noto, Mika Vainio, Pan Sonic, Tommi Grönlund, CM von Hausswolff, Randy Barracuda, Mesak etc). www.laton.at. But, I’m mostly into projects from Post-Soviet countries and Scandinavia and I love skweee sound. And currently, we are finalizing our book  ⁄S⁄O⁄N⁄I⁄C⁄ ⁄Z⁄O⁄N⁄E⁄S⁄ about the progressive electronic art and music scene in the countries of the post-Soviet Union.

Interview by Nadja Sayej 


November 12, 2012

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