The website filetmagazine.com was conceived in 2011 as an online magazine devoted to informing its readers about the most important trends and phenomena of contemporary culture in Belarus and the world. Our goal was to write about music, cinema, art, literature, fashion, and urban subcultures in a non-trivial way in order to attract the maximum attention of people of all ages and social groups.

At the same time, we planned “to entertain without running away from problems”, and being politically unbiased, we proceeded from the understanding of politics as one of the cultural segments. We considered our work itself as a demonstration of a purposeful policy. Along with the enlightenment, our goal was to provide a reader with the opportunity to be not a bystander but a person directly involved in the exciting process of creating a cultural field of a modern metropolis where consuming itself is a kind of creativity.

At the moment, filetmagazine.com is the only resource in Belarus that consistently pursues the idea of ​​the responsibility of creative people for the political climate in the country. We give the opportunity for artists, musicians, journalists and writers who have their own position on the current socio-political events and phenomena to speak out their mind (by means of artistic media and directly).

The website filetmagazine.com has become a meeting place for creative people from different countries and a platform for exchange of views and information. It introduces the Belarusians with the global modern art, experimental music and movies as well as promotes the best works of our artists to an international audience. In future, we plan to focus even more on the underground culture of Eastern Europe and small countries (such as Iceland, Finland, Denmark).

Since the end of 2015, we started to cooperate with the Austrian artist-actionist, photographer, promoter, musician and social activist Anna Ceeh (art label FUCKi̶s̶m̶TC). As our international editor, she is now actively involved in the creation of unique content (interviews, reviews of regional scenes) and in the promotion of the website (at the moment we have readers in almost all European countries, North America, South Africa, Japan and Australia) .

Blurring the boundaries between isolated social groups, investigation of the relationship and mutual influence of art, music, literature, cinema, and politics, development of young people capable of independent critical thinking, and provoking the independent creativity have remained our top priorities during all five years of the project’s existence.

Everything Is Connected, Nothing Is Separate

filetmagazine.com — Интернет-портал, представляющий современную городскую культуру во всем ее многообразии (кино, музыка, литература, искусство, фотография, мода, архитектура, дизайн). В основе философии filetmagazine.com лежит идея о глубинной взаимосвязи моды, эротики и искусства. Сайт знакомит своих читателей с красивыми, успешными людьми, которым чужды пафос и склонность к назидательству.  Создатели сайта свою миссию видят не в продвижении на рынок товаров (одежды, музыки, книг, фильмов), а в информировании читателей о персонах (их мыслях и образах), создающих и потребляющих эти продукты.

Авторы filetmagazine.com, солидаризируясь с Умберто Эко, «развлекают публику, не отвлекаясь от проблем», предоставляя возможность читателю почувствовать себя не сторонним наблюдателем, а персоной, непосредственно вовлеченной в увлекательный процесс создания культурного поля современного мегаполиса, где само потребление является разновидностью творчества. Своей целью они ставят формирование вокруг портала сообщества ироничных, образованных, современных людей, которые умеют работать и отдыхать, и с уважением относятся к инаковости других.

filetmagazine.com — першы беларускі арт-порна фэшн з элементамі эротыкі і палітыкі магазын з карцінкамі, закладзены групай энтузіястаў ў 2009 року ў Менску-Літоўскім.